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Do not pay for hours spent for personal purposes!

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    After installation, an average increase of labor productivity is 30-50%

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    View statistics on the work of your employees with online or mobile application

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WorkVisor software suite enables solving the following tasks:


Keep track of labour hours

  • To keep track of personnel activities – labor hours are not taken into account if the employee does not move the mouse and does not use the keyboard for more than 5 minutes.
  • To view the screenshots of employees to get an idea of what they did during labor hours.
  • To control the performance level in order to know which programs employees use and how much time they spend while using them.
  • To take into account the time spent on various tasks and projects.

Analysis and evaluation of the work of employees

  • Get a performance indicator for a period or for a specific task based on the entered efficiency coefficients for programs.
  • Identify the tasks that require the maximum labor hours, with the use of the detailed working time chart.
  • Estimate the time and money costs for each project.
  • Evaluate the overall working efficiency of the employee's work for a day, a month, a year.

Planning work and the tasks

  • Add the task for each employee.
  • Specify the limited time for the tasks.
  • Prioritize the tasks.
  • Organize the employees into "divisions" according to the nature of the tasks to be performed.
  • Use the embedded software messenger to communicate with the employee in real time to make prompt decision on matters and provide with urgent instructions.

Increase in labor productivity through control

  • Minimize non-working processes during labor hours. Social media sites, instant messengers and other non-working processes.
  • The mere fact of real-time supervising encourages the employees to increase their self-control and to avoid using their working time for personal purposes.

Sign-up and installation in less than 10 minutes!

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Be confident in your remote employee

The uncertainty
will disappear

You know for sure when an employee is working on a project.

Rely on

You communicate directly through the embedded software messenger.

Down with Skype,
social media and ICQ

Screenshots will show you that the freelancer does not disrupt the project deadlines.

the work

You create and submit the tasks through the admin panel to the right employee.

Clients of WORKVISOR say:

  • Natalia

    Director, Design Studio

    The implementation of WorkVisor helped me to know exactly how much and for what project we spend and how much time each participant of our team spent.

  • Paul

    Head of Department, IT Company

    WorkVisor helps me to monitor the staff and maintain discipline in the team. Now I know for sure who does what.
    Remote employees have become much more punctual after the appearance of control.

  • Ignat


    The use of WorkVisor helped report to my employer for my remote work. Now he is calm, that he pays for the really worked hours, and not for the postscript.

  • Victor

    Director, Real Estate Agency

    WorkVisor implemented in our office. Now I can track which of the employees is busy, even in my absence. The very fact of such a control increased the productivity of my employees, there were fewer breaks and tardiness.


The price depends on the number of users. The solution is available in two versions: for installation on client's servers or in the "cloud".

  • Standalone version

    from 5 000 RUB

    The price of lifetime license for
    1 workplace

    Under development

    Will be available in 3rd quarter of 2018 year
  • Trial version


    Trial version
    for 3 months.

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  • Cloud solution

    from 300 RUB per month

    The cost of a license for
    1 workplace

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